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Construction Site Bed and Bunk Bed

An efficient construction site is never complete without a decent accommodation facility. Since the sleeping quality of the working team is one of the most significant aspects of their performance, construction team's lodging provides a strong base for the safety and efficiency of your construction site. As AET Group Universal, we take construction site accommodation seriously and we offer wide range of products with high-quality. 

AET Group Provides Quality Construction Site Beds and Bunk Beds

We offer construction site bed, construction site bunk bed and construction site bed equipment. Construction site beds are specifically built and manufactured for the comfort of workers on construction sites. You can find spring mattress beds and foam mattress beds in various sizes. Regardless of the mattress types, the products are all made for healthy and long-lasting use at affordable prices. Bed models are continually evolving and gaining more variety as a result of emerging technology and high demand. 

Although some beds, such as spring mattress models, are designed to avoid deformation in areas where body weight is deposited, others, such as foam mattresses, are designed to absorb body weight and are therefore highly resistant to collapse. Also, the models preventing sweating and having antibacterial properties are available now. They are now easier to clean and dual-sided. In conclusion, apart from being cost-effective and long-lasting, there are several reasons for a consumer to choose a bed model and technology.

Construction Site Bunk Beds

Construction site bunk beds are also among the most popular items on construction sites because they are relatively functional, durable and provide a variety of practical features. Construction site bunk bed models are typically double; however, you can find triple bunks if you have enough vertical space. Also, the bunks are made in different materials. Bunk beds effectively provide solutions to accommodation problems in communal accommodation such as construction sites. The most important features expected from construction site bunk models are safety, functionality, comfort, durability, and a strong skeleton system.

Construction Site Bed Equipment

We also offer construction site bed equipment. You can find construction site blankets, construction site bed linens, and a construction site pillows here. Our blankets are exclusively made for construction site beds. Cotton fleece, woolen, and cashmere blankets are available, and you can choose among various models considering the weather conditions of your construction site. You are also offered construction site bed linen sets containing a duvet cover, a sheet, and pillowcase in various colors and patterns. Finally, we offer construction site pillows. These pillows are different from the ones we use at home. They provide the workers with a healthy and comfortable sleep. Depending on your need, you can find silicone, fiber, or cotton pillow models, all which are at high-quality.  We never use unhealthy materials in our products.

Reasons to Choose AET Group Universal?

As AET group, we have vast experience of construction sites. We deeply understand your concerns both on-duty and off-duty times on your construction site. Thus, we assure you with high-quality at affordable prices.

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