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Tunnel Mold Agent

Tunnel Mold Agents are used in molds and concrete elements containing mineral-based oil and composed of active materials.

What is Tunnel Mold Agent?

Tunnel Mold Agent are used in moulds and concrete elements containing mineral-based oil and composed of active materials. 

How Tunnel Mold System Works?

Tunnel Mould Oil chemically reacts with cement to give excellent release properties to shutters and molds' processed surfaces. Concrete in the shutters has a smooth, hard, and light-colored surface. The use of mould oil does not affect the adhesion of subsequent surfaces.

Our tunnel mold release agents combine advanced technology with first-class construction materials. Providing a stain-free concrete surface, Tunnel Mold Oils are highly demanded products suitable for all kinds of molds and produced at affordable costs.

Tunnel mold oil separates concrete elements from the mold. Being a special mixture of mineral-based oil and high-quality active materials, tunnel mould oil facilitates the separation remarkably. It is an ideal high-quality oil for all kinds of molds, and it is widely demanded and produced at affordable costs.

Uses of Tunnel Formwork Oil 

  • All kinds of wood, steel, plywood, tunnel mould, and plastic applications
  • All types of shutters and moulds
  • All kinds of steel, timber, plywood, plastic, and rubber mould applications

Advantages of Tunnel Mold Agent

  • It allows the mold to be removed easily and quickly.
  • It makes mould cleaning easier, which allows re-use of the mould in a short time.
  • It reduces the cost and labor of the moulds remarkably. 
  • Tunnel formwork oil eases the placement of concrete in the mold.
  • It assures smooth-surfaced concrete output.
  • It extends the efficiency and service life of the molds.
  • It is fast and easy to apply.
  • It doesn’t penetrate the concrete, hence contributes to the strength of the concrete.

How Much Tunnel Formwork Oil Should be Used?

One liter of Tunnel Formwork Oil can cover 15 to 25 m² of surface depending on the general condition of the mold's surface and type (wood, plastic…etc.).

Usage of Tunnel Mold Agents

Surface preparation:
To get the best result with the minimum risk after the application, surface preparation should be taken seriously. The mould surface should be free from previous construction products residue or chemical waste such as diesel oil or gas. 

Tunnel Formwork Oil is applied directly to clean mold surfaces by spraying, applying by a roller or brush. The oil should be applied to a thin layer.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin.
  • When working with chemicals, wear protective clothing, gloves, and goggles.
  • Clean up after work.

AET Group Universal offers the best oil properties in the market. Other oils leak into the concrete and thus decrease the strength of the concrete. Also, they leave stains on the surface of the concrete. Although removal of these stains possible, it is still a tedious and time-consuming job. However, with our mould oils, you don’t need to worry about these issues.

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