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Curtain Spacers, Bored Pile Spacers, Deck Curtain Spacers and Their Specifications

Construction and concrete technology are closely interrelated. The quality of the concrete brings about the quality of the construction equipment. Although there are more significant and visible factors in the process to determine the quality of the structure, some relatively minor elements might also be a real game changer. Spacers are such secret heroes. They provide the structure with numerous benefits. They are used to hold a highly critical space between the outer surface of the concrete and ground or other surfaces which are prone to environmental factors.  

Why Should You Use Spacers?

  • Spacers protect the concrete and the whole construction. Leaving a space and placing spacers between the surfaces, you can take an effective precaution against corrosion. 
  • Placing spacers between the surfaces, you can have the correct alignment of concrete structures and thus you can increase the strength of the construction.
  • Thermal insulation is required to protect reinforcing bars from fire. Spacers are used to provide this thermal insulation.
  • Spacers are also used to ensure that the reinforcement rods are stretched due to welding and that they are embedded sufficiently.

Each of these reasons are necessary procedures to follow in order to maintain the building structure correctly and increase its strength. Especially during an earthquake, the damage rate will be high in a building that is not built correctly, but this will not be the case for the building where the spacers are applied where needed. For this reason, using spacers is an important issue in constructions. Moreover, you don’t need to be worried about corrosion in as long as you use spacers sufficiently from scratch to the end.

What Type of Spacers We Offer?

There are basically three kind of spacers types we offer for our customers. All these spacers usage areas and purposes can be change depending on their specifications. So, don't decide which one is suitable for you before reading about our spacer types features.

Curtain Spacers

Curtain Spacers have a one-of-a-kind feature that allows for a 360-degree precise covering. The best cement flow is preserved due to its design features. Thanks to their ribbed surface and structure, curtain spacers achieve the best results. Since they can hold the iron rod strongly with no bending, they can be used in all kind of constructions such as civil precast, commercial constructions, columns and reinforced flooring and heavy curtains. We also offer heavy curtain spacer elements to hold the iron rods ranging from 6 mm to 22 mm. This kind of spacers are suitable for extra extension and higher enduring power.

Bored Pile Spacers

Bored Pile Spacers are used for cast-in-situ concrete types that are implemented for soil reinforcement. They are useful for providing a cover gap between the soil and the ground-strengthening reinforcement in-pile applications. The use of bored pile spacers will help to avoid any potential threats posed by the soil. 

Deck Curtain Spacers

Deck curtain spacers are made specially to produce concrete poles. The problem of misalignments during the movements of the vibration table is avoided since they are fully closed. To ensure strength and stability, they are constructed and produced from high-quality plastics. You can use deck curtain spacers in constructions, precast and commercial structures for pillars and piers.

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