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Construction Site Bed Equipments

Construction site bed equipment includes a construction site blanket, construction site bed linen, and a construction site pillow.

Construction Site Bed Equipment

Construction Site Bed Equipment includes a construction site blanket, construction site bed linen, and a construction site pillow.

Construction Site Blankets 

As an important home textile product, blankets have an indispensable place in construction site bed equipment. They are especially life-saving for cold weather conditions. Unlike ones used at homes, Construction Site Blankets, also known as workers' blankets, come in models produced in a thicker and more robust structure. 

What are the Features of Construction Site Blankets? 

Construction sites, construction site blankets are preferred as a bedding product instead of a quilt, which is usually used at homes. Construction Site Blankets constitute a large place where these types of blankets are used as a cover for cold weather conditions. Since some construction sites heavily depend on blankets for bunk beds, it is of great importance that a Construction Site Blanket keeps the workers’ body warm enough while sleeping or resting.

In addition to the thicker blankets used in harsh weather conditions, other types of Construction Site Blankets can be used according to seasonal weather conditions. These are cotton fleece blanket models, woolen blanket types, and cashmere blankets.  Another important feature of these blankets is that they have to be washable in the washing machine and dried easily.

Construction Site Bed Linens

Construction Site Bed Linens are usually preferred as one type and one color in places where used collectively. Construction Site Linen models have to offer use in all seasons, and they should have a suitable texture. Also, they should be long-lasting against frequent use and washing.

Models of Construction Site Bed Linens 

The package offers a duvet cover, sheet, and pillowcase in various colors and patterns. Construction site duvet cover models available as a single-person product range have a 150 cm width and a 215 cm length. In areas such as construction site dormitories that are subject to frequent use and frequent washing, the longevity of bedding is an important factor. Considering this factor, Construction Site Bed Linens are produced with quality materials, and they offer long-lasting use. Yet, with its affordable price, it does not harm your budget.

Construction Site Pillow

Construction Site Pillow is one of the most basic tools in the resting areas of the construction sites. A quality pillow provides the best sleep comfort to the users to relieve the tiredness after hard work during the day, preventing neck pain and stiffness. For this reason, choosing and using the right pillow is very important.

An ideal pillow should support the neck properly, and it should have the right height and width. Further, Construction Site pillow types shouldn’t sweat during hot weather periods, thus preventing health problems and ensuring comfort.

Features of Construction Site Pillows

Construction Site Pillows are different from household pillows. These pillow types are generally 50x70 in size and weigh 1.5 kg to 1.8 kg. Construction Site Pillows are offered as silicone, fiber, or cotton pillow models.
Materials such as cardboard, paper, and textile waste are never used in making Construction Site Pillows. This way, they offer comfortable and healthy solutions to workers in their resting times.

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