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Tierod Accessories

Tierod Accessories involves many different products such as tierod winged nut, water retainer, tierod pipe cap and tie spacer.

Tie-Rod Waller Plate 

Tie-Rod Waller Plate is made of steel sheet. It is used to enlarge the surface that the nuts meet the mold in fixing shafts. There are nail holes to fix the mold, which prevents them from getting lost while removing the mold.

Size Weight (Kg)
120*120*4 mm 0,42 Kg
120*120*5 mm 0,54 Kg

Water Stop 

It is made of ductile iron. Tie-rod is attached to both ends to reinforce the mold. The middle of the water stops is full. Tie-rod is attached to both ends.

Type Weight (Kg)
Flanged Water Stop 0,48 Kg
Knuckled Water Stop 0,50 Kg


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