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Plywood Mold Agent

Plywood Mold Agents facilitate the separation of wood used as molds in all kinds of reinforced concrete from concrete. Provides easy and fast removal of molds.

What is Plywood Mold Agent?

Plywood mold agent is a release agent used to separate any kind of concrete material from the wooden moulds.

Where can you use Plywood Mold Agent?

Plywood mould oil is used for separating concrete from wood. More technically, it facilitates the separation of all kinds of concrete or reinforced concrete material from wooden moulds. 

Why should you use Plywood Mold Agent?

No one wishes to have problems with the separation of the concrete material from the mould. If the concrete material stuck to your mould, it would be one of the most irritating production steps. It would be bad not only for your concrete material but also for your mould. This kind of failure increases your labor costs and cleaning time, and more importantly, it damages your well-established production process. Our product, plywood mould oil, provides easy and fast removal of moulds. Using this high-quality product, you will get a clean and stain-free concrete finish, which will ensure your work's high quality. 

Advantages of Plywood Mould Oil

  • Mold Release Agent can be removed easily and quickly. Hence, the removal of the oil does not take a long time.
  • It is very simple and easy to apply. You don’t need to have vast experience to use it. 
  • It is easy to clean, which saves you time.
  • It is economical, which saves you money.
  • It provides a smooth concrete surface. This will make your concrete material look much better.
  • It decreases labor and increases productivity. This will bring you efficiency.
  • It extends the mould's durability, and thus you can get high performance out of your wooden moulds for a longer time.
  • It protects the wooden mould against moisture; hence it extends their durability.

How to use Plywood Mould Oil?

Applying plywood mold oil is pretty easy. This high-quality product should be diluted with water before applying. It is recommended to follow the mixing ratio of 1 / 7 lt.
It can be applied to the molds at least 3 hours before the concrete is poured, depending on the mould and weather conditions. The oil can be sprayed or applied on mold surfaces with a brush or roller. Once the oil is applied to the mold, the surfaces should be protected from rain until pouring the concrete into it. It is applied directly without using any additives. It should also be protected from sunlight and frost.

Plywood mold agent can be easily mixed with mineral oil-based water. Hence, it provides a smooth separation between concrete and mould on wooden surfaces. Also, it is doped with boron which prevents corrosion in long-term use. Ideally, 1 kg of the agent to a 60m2 surface is recommended. However, this ratio can be adjusted depending on the condition of the surface and mould type

Is Plywood Mold Agent Safe?

Since its pH value is safe, it does not harm human skin. It is also odorless.

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